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WORRRD Up is a library activity created to promote literacy and provide an opportunity for students to test and display their literary skills.

Additionally, poetry, stories, essays and other literary forms are brought to life as students explore and utilize the various literary tools taught in the classroom. Literary contests are open to all students of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

  • WORRRD Up 2021

    WORRRD Up Poetry Slam

    The Hunter J. François Library debuted The WORRRD Up Poetry Slam in 2011 as an item on its National Library and Information Week Calendar.

    The event serves as a vehicle for self-expression through literary prowess.

  • To date, The Poetry Slam has featured more than 50 students. 16 students participated in 2021, 8 of whom went on to compete on a national platform during the 2022 Nobel Laureate Festival.

  • Callum James

    Top past performers include media personality, Flora Jessy Leonce (2012 winner), as well as Adrian Klien (2013 winner).

    CAPE student Callum James (pictured) emerged as the Winner of the 2021 Poetry Slam.

    The WORRRD Up Finals can be watched below;


    Short Story Competition

    The inaugural Writing Contest attracted students from all programmes at SALCC. The contest presented an opportunity for students to take their writing to the next level, and provided an extra impetus to refine their skills.

  • Miriam Montoute

    14 students submitted original pieces of writing based on a short story entitled, Myths or Reality • A Library Story. The literary competition formed part of a series of activities organized by the library to commemorate National Library Week.

    The finalists were announced on 13th April 2022.

Our Writers (2022)

This is the 2022 Roster.
2023 contestants can be viewed here.

Our Poets (2022)

This is the 2022 Roster.
2023 contestants can be viewed here.


Hear what our past contestants have to say!

Callum James

1st Place — Poetry Slam 2022

Passionate about sports, the outdoors, and of course Poetry, Callum joined the Slam to pursue his dream of being a performance poet. His aspirations don't just end there however, with equally keen interest in business, sociology, and literature.

Callum's Poem

Emme Dilsuk

Participant — Slam 2022 Head — Drama Sector, CAPA

One could say that Emme is an arts person - she enjoys reading, writing and painting, and aspires to one day become a director. Her decision to take part in the Poetry Slam was purely to test her skills and engage with an opportunity to learn and further develop her craft.

Emme's Poem

Jayde Thomas

Participant — Slam 2022 3rd Place — ECCB Poetry Contest

With a penchant for lyricism, it's no surprise that Jayde sought a chance in the Slam to share this affinity with other like-minded contestants. Jayde aspires to be an architect and manage his own construction firm. Beyond that he also enjoys sports, public speaking, gaming and volunteering.

Jayde's Poem

Our Coaches

Adrian Augier

Writer & Producer

Coach to: Callum James Hannah Edwin

Drenia Frederick

Playwright & Actor

Coach to: Téya Ismael Elijah Montoute

Jany Joseph

Educator & Literary Enthusiast

Coach to: Jwanyl Mathias

Jessy Leonce

Journalist & Performer

Coach to: Ryn-Kyj King Emme Dilsuk

Katherine Atkinson

Writer & Educator

Coach to: John Tench Niah Lynch

Kentillia Louis

Director & Creative Coordinator

Coach to: All Poets

Lisa Dublin

Poet & Writer

Coach to: Christa William Jayde Thomas

Naomie "Ngozi" Grandison

Poet, Educator & Musician

Coach to: Ethan Leandre Melanie Richard

Sarai I’Shyne

Actor, Poet & Vocalist

Coach to: Cherisa Isidore

Stanislaus Bishop

Writer & Entrepreneur

Coach to: Nataki Florentville Quiana Charles

Our Judges

Gemma Weeks

Artist, Poet & Screenwriter Author • Love Me (Chatto & Windus)

Marcelle S. Lewis

Secretary Life-Long Learning • SALCC

Royston Emmanuel

Educational Technologist eLearning • SALCC

Shayne Cherry

Sr. Producer & Copywriter Choice TV • Media Zone Productions

Valerie Constantin-Regis

Theatre Arts Teacher St. Mary's College

WORRRD Up Poetry Slam 2023 Registration


WORRRD Up: Poetry Slam 2023

Submission Rules

Poets are required to;

  1. Submit one piece of work in hard copy, as well as electronically;
    1. Hard copies should be submitted to Ms. Avril Gabriel of The Hunter J. François Library.
    2. Electronic copies should be emailed to
    3. The deadline for registration is December 15, 2022.
  2. Perform only original material.
  3. Perform each piece in 3 to 5 minutes — any piece exceeding 5 minutes will be penalized.
  4. Attend workshopping sessions, which start from ___ to ___.
  5. Submit the final draft of their poem by ____.
  6. Refrain from the use of offensive or objectionable material, such as;
    1. The promotion of prejudice, hatred or harm against any group or individual;
    2. The promotion of discrimination based on race, sex, religion or disability;
    3. Profanity.

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