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The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College eLearning Academy was created to provide students with an alternative means of pursuing their studies. This unit has made it possible for courses to be taken solely online or using a blended approach - both online and in person.

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Online Learning Tools

A small catalogue of free online resources to enrich your virtual learning experience.


Resources For Students

Guides, tips and tutorials regarding the eLearning Platform and your online learning tools.


Resources For Lecturers

Breakdowns of the eLearning Platform's various features, helpful guidebooks, and tutorials on some useful tools and advanced features for online learning.


eLearning Academy For Educators

A collaboration with TaiwanICDF, this programme is aimed at reskilling teachers with knowledge in media and technology, supporting learning in physical and virtual spaces.

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eLearning Masterclass

A general catalogue of videos, acquainting teachers with interesting tools for improving their online teaching.


Our Goals

  • To attract diverse clientele and academic institutions.
  • To extend the reach of SALCC's courses and programmes.
  • Create innovative, relevant and competitive courses.
  • Provide flexible and professional academic experiences.

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