Animation and Design

Animation and Design

In this programme learners will explore the traditional and digital techniques used in 2D and 3D animation.

salcc web development

Web Development

Learners will be exposed to the skills needed to build interactive and responsive user experiences on the Web.

Media and Digital Communication

Digital Communication

This programme seeks to bridge the established traditions of 20th century media with the emerging and innovative practices of the 21st century.

Creative and Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Providing a holistic experience of practice and knowledge in creative production and performance.

Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

This programme offers knowledge on the business aspects of agricultural production, alongside the fundamentals of agricultural science.

Climate Smart Crop Production

This programme teaches entrepreneurial approaches to agriculture. It covers the process of planning, implementing, and operating in environments based on sustainable agricultural practices.

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salcc automotive engineering

Automotive Engineering

This programme addresses studies in automobile design, development and manufacturing, and the principles and processes employed in the field.

salcc architectural technology


Aimed at enabling learners to develop skills related to the construction industry and the built environment, and the design process.

salcc it courses

Computer Information Technology

The CIT programme teaches students about the development and management of databases, networks, and software systems.

salcc computer engineering

Computer Systems Engineering

Designed to enable learners to function in the ever-evolving field of micro-computer technology and data processing.

salcc construction engineering

Construction Engineering

Aimed at acquainting students with the built environment; the construction industry and design process.

salcc electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering

Designed to give learners a general knowledge of digital electronics and electronic data processing system.

salcc electronics engineering

Electronics Engineering

This programme is designed to give students a general knowledge of digital electronics and electronic data processing system.

salcc mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering combines several general education courses with specific courses in Manufacturing, Applied Engineering and Electricity.

salcc architecture courses

Quantity Surveying

This programme aims to develop students' proficiency in the measurement and cost applications of various projects, building design and operations.

salcc adminsitrative management

Administrative Management

This programme seeks to provide learners with the theoretical and practical knowledge required for daily functioning modern business environment.

salcc adminsitrative management

Business Administration and Innovation

The BA in Business Administration is designed to prepare career focused students with a wide range of knowledge of business principles.

salcc digital media

Digital Business

This programme seeks to merge digital business - the use of technology in its operations - with digital economy - one based on digital technologies.

salcc office administration

Office Administration

Designed for persons pursuing a secretarial based occupation or Office Management Career, alongside those intending to pursue advanced studies in the field.

salcc business courses

Sustainable Business and Innovation

Acquaints learners with the fundamentals of business studies and its challenges in modern society.

salcc criminal justice

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice programme is designed to prepare practicing officers and others for service to the community in the fields of law enforcement, criminalistics, private security and investigation.

human performance and nutrition

Human Performance and Nutrition

This program prepares participants to utilize nutrition and activity in the promotion of health, prevention of diseases and management of existing health conditions.


Accommodations and Hospitality

Suited for persons interested in hotel or attraction work, this programme exposes learners to all the key aspects of hotel operations.

culinary arts

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is ideal for the aspiring cook. It provides the tools, skills and theory required to work within a professional kitchen.

food and beverage

Food and Beverage

A blend of all aspects of food and drink, this programme exposes the learner to the management and operations of the kitchen, dining room, bar, events and catering, with emphasis on efficient and quality service.

tourism studies

Tourism Studies and Sustainability

Learners are exposed to the overall management of tourism, with emphasis on adopting sustainable approaches to develop the industry further. Key areas of study will include policy, planning, and management, among others.

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