Using The eLearning Platform

Tutorials for Lecturers

Managing Your Course Page

How to Login

This video will quickly guide you through the simple steps which you need to take to log into/access the SALCC online platform, Moodle. Please follow along step by step.

Activating Turnitin on Your Course Page

Importing To A New Course

Setting Up Your Gradebook

Setting Up Your Virtual Classroom

Using Google Meet

Features for Teachers

A step-by-step guide to various Google Meet features, specially tailored to assist with teaching. This video discusses Backgrounds, Breakout Rooms, Polls, the Q&A, and the Raise Hands feature.

Layout Demonstration (2021)

This tutorial will showcase some of Google Meet's useful features and functionality (as of 2021).

Features for Teaches II

As you go back to school, take a look at these fantastic features found in Google Meet that you might have missed!

Archived Webinars

Organizing Your Course Layout

This webinar takes you through the process of organising the look and feel of your course to increase learner engagement.

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Adding Content To Your Course Pages

A guide to the process of adding content of various forms to your course page, including videos, imagery, text, quizzes, etc.

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Working With Video

In this webinar we explore ways of incorporating videos to increase learner engagement and collect data on participation.

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Creating Adaptive Lessons

This webinar explores the Adaptive Lesson activity found within Moodle LMS.

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Forums and Collaborative Tools

Here we cover how teachers can use forums and other collaborative tools within Moodle LMS to support student engagement.

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Wikis and Assignments

This webinar explores how teachers can make effective use of wikis and assignments in Moodle LMS.

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