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Caribbean Digital
Transformation Project

The Caribbean Digital Transformation Project (CARDTP) aims to deliver training in digital literacy to interested individuals at an intermediate level.

Specifically, this project targets school leavers and small business owners, and offers a hybrid approach to learning delivery — courses are partially online and face-to-face.

Courses are slated to commence in June, 2023. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with us through email — — or via telephone — +1 (758) 457-7300.

Available Courses under CARDTP

  • Beginner's Guide to The Internet (DIG107)

    College Credits: 3 Digital Humanities Online

    This course gives learners insight into the various aspects of digital citizenship. At the end of this course learners would have developed an appreciation of their place in the digital world and the responsibility which comes with it. Concepts such as digital copyright, digital image and cybersecurity are also discussed.

    Course Breakdown
    Module Number Title Number of Hours
    1 Introduction to Digital Literacy 9
    2 Your Digital Identity 6
    3 Information in the Digital Age 12
    4 Communicating & Collaborating in the Digital World 12
    4 Cybersecurity & Safety 6
    Total Hours 45
  • Introduction to Computer Software (CIT101)

    College Credits: 3 Business Innovation... Blended

    This course is designed to provide participants with functional knowledge of essential computing concepts, and the knowledge and skills necessary to use the productivity tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, Libre Office, Open Office and Google Suite to design and create documents, spreadsheets and simple relational databases. This course is designed to support collaborative and independent learning and cultivate respect for intellectual property and copyright issues.

    Course Breakdown
    Module Number Title Number of Hours
    1 Computing Concepts 6
    2 Word-processing Fundamentals 13
    3 Working with Spreadsheets 13
    4 Introduction to Databases with Microsoft Access 13
    Total Hours 45
  • Intermediate Social Media and Web Applications (DIG215)

    College Credits: 3 Digital Humanities Online

    This course seeks to empower learners with the practical skills necessary for today's digital economy. The course is specifically designed to address competency in Digital literacy and Data skills that have become essential for the job markets of today and the future. Learners will acquire the essential practical competencies and skills that will equip them to effectively use social media and the world wide web for personal and professional activities.

    Course Breakdown
    Module Number Title Number of Hours
    1 The Nuts and Bolts of Social Media 6
    2 Leveraging Social Media 6
    3 Netiquette, Online Safety, Copyright and Licenses 6
    4 Content Management Systems for Web Applications 18
    5 Google Analytics and SEO Web Applications 9
    Total Hours 45

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