A welcoming and inclusive space that supports the academic success of all students, faculty, and staff through access to credible information, resources, and services.

Dear New and Returning Students,
On behalf of the library staff, I extend a warm welcome to all of you as we embark on another exciting academic year. Whether you are just starting your educational journey or continuing your studies, the library is here to support and enhance your learning experience.

The library is more than just a collection of books and resources; it is a dynamic hub of knowledge, collaboration, and exploration. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where you can pursue your academic and research goals. Here, you will find a wealth of resources and services designed to assist you in your studies and beyond.

For our new students, we understand that navigating a library can be an overwhelming experience. Rest assured, our friendly and knowledgeable librarians are here to help you. Don't hesitate to approach us with any questions you may have. We are eager to assist you in finding the right materials, accessing online databases, and developing effective research skills.

To our returning students, welcome back! We are delighted to have you back on campus, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in your academic journey. Whether you have used the library extensively in the past or are looking to explore new resources and services, we are committed to ensuring that you have an enriching and rewarding experience.

In addition to our vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources, the library offers a range of amenities to enhance your study environment. We offer quiet study spaces, group collaboration areas, wifi and computer access. We strive to create a conducive setting that caters to your various study needs.

Furthermore, the library is not just a space for individual study; it is a hub for intellectual engagement and scholarly exploration. Throughout the academic year, we will host various events, workshops, and exhibitions to foster a culture of learning and encourage interdisciplinary discussions. Keep an eye on our calendar of events to stay informed about upcoming opportunities.

As you navigate your academic journey, I encourage you to take full advantage of the resources and services the library has to offer. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in discovering the information you seek, refining your research skills, and realizing your full academic potential.

Once again, welcome to the library. We are thrilled to have you as part of our vibrant community. I wish you a successful and fulfilling academic year ahead.

Kathy Birch-McDiarmed, MBA

Head Librarian

Our Services


The Library's patrons can borrow and renew print books, access print and digital past papers, digital course reserves and syllabi.


Instructional Support

Library offers information literacy workshops to students with content customized to suit their specific courses. Information literacy workshops are designed to develop students' competencies in locating, accessing, managing, evaluating and effectively using information. These workshops run throughout the academic year.

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References, Research and Learning

The Library offers a diversified reference service, providing in-depth research assistance to patrons. Services include assistance with SBAs, help with citations, search techniques, and how to find information using the library's databases.

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Audio Visual Services

The Library provides a range of audiovisual resources, equipment and services to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

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+1 (758) 457-7390

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Library Databases

Electronic Collections

An online database which places a wide variety of educational content at your fingertips.


Print Books

A searchable database of the Library’s print book collection.

Saint Lucian Content

A digital library of Saint Lucian-exclusive content, from politics and culture, to society and history.



CaribFiles is a digital library of Caribbean-exclusive content, featuring the personal collections of Saint Lucian Scholars. These special collections support research in the study of Politics, History, Culture, Social and Economic issues.


Past Paper Archives

SALCC Students are able to access the entire backlog of past exam papers administered by the College over the years. The papers are categorized based on SALCC's various academic units.


LibGuides (Coming Soon)

LibGuides are an information sharing system designed specifically for libraries. They allow for easy navigation through relevant resources in a particular subject field, class, or assignment.

Library Portals

Sir Derek Walcott Portal

A collection of the principal works by and/or about Sir Derek Walcott.


Sir Arthur Lewis Portal

A collection of the principal works by and/or about Sir Arthur Lewis.


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