salcc adminsitrative management

Business Administration and Innovation

The BA in Business Administration is designed to prepare career focused students with a wide range of knowledge of business principles.

salcc public health

Public Health

Aims to assist students in recognizing variations in local, regional, and global public health systems.

salcc environmental studies

Environmental Studies and Sustainability

This course centers on our local and regional environment, the issues which it faces, and proposed solutions.

salcc tourism and hospitality

Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality

This course aims to enrich learners with the necessary skills to be an efficient part of the tourism industry.

salcc primary education

Primary Education

This programme is designed to acquaint teachers with the fundamentals and key concepts of providing education to students at a primary school level.

salcc general nursing

General Nursing

Designed to help students apply principles of physical, biological, behavioral, social and health sciences to provide nursing care to a variety of clients and settings.

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