Using The eLearning Platform

Tutorials for Students

How to Login

This video will quickly guide you through the simple steps which you need to take to log into/access the SALCC online platform, Moodle. Please follow along step by step.

How To Use The Moodle App

This video will help in getting you used to the mobile app version of the Moodle platform.

How To Edit Your Profile Picture

As you view this video, you will learn how to update your school profile on Moodle. You will also be able to see how you can add a presentable image of yourself for others to familiarize themselves with your face.

How To Messaging Users

This video will assist you in understanding how to message your peers as well as your lecturers in order to exchange information concerning your assignments or anything which is school oriented.

How To Upload Assignments

In this tutorial, we will cover the proper way to upload your course work onto the eLearning Platform.

How To Access Your Grades

For this tutorial, we will learn how to keep an eye on the grades of our various courses.