eLearning Policies

General policies and guidelines for lecturers and faculty while using the eLearning Platform.

Events of Instruction Through eLearning

The most used instructional design model is Gagnés Nine Events of Instruction. As we transition into the online environment, the steps presented become even more relevant within in the online context.

Course Syllabus Template

This document will acquaint lecturers with the necessities of a course, based on the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College's Syllabus.

Developing Online Courses

This guide informs lecturers of the primary concepts and procedures associated with online learning and the creation of courses on the eLearning Platform.

Planning for Online Delivery

It is important to plan for your online teaching. Front end planning prevents complications in the future and helps you provide clear instruction to your students in the eLearning environment.

Sample Course
Introduction to Digital Literacy

This module introduces learners to the concept of digital literacy. Learners will be encouraged to reflect on their roles as digital citizens.

Teaching In A Digital Age

This document covers the different methods lecturers implement in enhancing the content of their course page.

Course Review Checklist

Quality online courses engage learners and assist in their understanding of your lessons. This checklist will help you determine and fine-tune your course before sharing it with your students.

Facilitating Learner Engagement

A guide to key criteria for engaging with your learners. We will define the key features of project-based learning, as well as discuss strategies to support communication and collaboration.

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