The Administrative Office Management is designed to provide learners with the theoretical and practical knowledge that is required for the day-to-day functioning for entry level positions in the conventional and virtual business environment.

Learners will receive valuable instruction in administrative, clerical and other front office roles in a variety of industries and fields as the need for skilled, technologically savvy professionals continues to grow in an evolving sustainable business environment.

This programme will offer specializations in the areas of Medical Office Management and Legal Office Management.

Programme Summary

  • This programme runs for two (2) years and consists of four (4) semesters.
  • Each year consists of two (2) semesters.
  • There is a total of 68 Credits to be scored.
  • Critical Reading and Writing (GE) (4 Credits)
  • Functional French / Spanish (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Mathematics for Finance / Business Mathematics (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Office Prodedures I (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Introduction to Word Processing (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Principles of Financial Accounting (PC) (3 Credits)
  • A Survey of Saint Lucian History and Heritage (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Office Procedures II (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Computer Applications (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Human Relations (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Elective (3 Credits)
  • Speech, Self and Society (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Intermediate Spreadsheet (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Business Law (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Business Document Preparation & Speed Development (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Elective (3 Credits)
  • Sustainable Business & Innovation Practices (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Ethics and Professional Development (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Presentation Graphics (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Modern Office Management (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Audio Transcription for Sustainable Businesses (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Professional Development – Practicum I (1 Credits)
  • Internship – Practicum II (Summer) (3 Credits)


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