SALCC and NSDC Lead Groundbreaking Initiative for Menstrual Equity


In a pioneering move to ensure accessibility and inclusivity within the educational environment, Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) and the National Skills Development Centre (NSDC) in St. Lucia have embarked on an initiative to provide free menstrual hygiene products to students. This initiative is proudly supported by Algonquin College, based in Ottawa, Canada, and Citron Hygiene, a leading provider of washroom hygiene services and products.

Access to essential menstrual products is fundamental to ensuring an inclusive and supportive learning environment. SALCC and NSDC are dedicated to supporting students who may face challenges due to their menstrual cycles, eliminating barriers that could hinder their educational experience.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone has the best learning experience possible, offering free menstrual products is just one more way that we can do that. All learners and employees deserve to live a life free of otherwise manageable disruptions.

Barry Paul, Deputy Manager of National Skills Development Centre.

A press conference on October 26, 2023 shone a spotlight on the availability of free menstrual products at SALCC and NSDC. Citron Hygiene, in a generous gesture, is providing the menstrual products free of charge, underlining their unwavering dedication to the cause.

SALCC believes in creating an accessible and equitable environment; if toilet paper and soap are freely accessible, period products should be too.

By providing free menstrual products, we are doing our part to ensure the needs of our community are met. We are grateful for the support of our partners.

Dr. Madgerie Jameson-Charles, Principal of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

Algonquin College, through the Skills to Access the Green Economy (SAGE) Program, funded by Colleges and Institutes Canada/Global Affairs Canada (GAC), is instrumental in facilitating this partnership. Algonquin College, in collaboration with Citron Hygiene, has been a staunch advocate for free hygiene products for its students at its Ottawa, Ontario campus. The College's 'Makerspace' also played a pivotal role in creating washroom distribution boxes for the St. Lucia schools.

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