HJFL Recognized by Helen's Daughters


Helen’s Daughters recognized SALCC’s Hunter J. Francois Library for its community outreach at an International Rural Women’s Day ceremony on October 9, 2023. HJFL has visited several schools within Saint Lucia’s District 4 sector to facilitate the sustainable development of their library services and to improve literacy among children in various communities.

As a token of appreciation, HJFL received a donation of 12 Agriman Agventures comic books on behalf of four schools from the district. Ms. Kathy Birch-McDiarmed, head librarian of the Hunter J. Francois Library, to give brief remarks on the donation;

I receive this donation of books with sincere thanks on behalf of the school libraries that form part of our community outreach programme;

We are grateful for donations like the one today that will enhance the collections of school libraries and offer a fun way to educate little ones about the importance of agriculture, sustainable farming practices, and so on.

Kathy BirchMcDiarmed, Head Librarian – Hunter J. Franois Library

During the ceremony, Helen’s Daughters announced upcoming collaborations with Trinidadian entertainment organization WhyFarm, to produce a new installment in their Agriman comic series. Ms. Birch-McDiarmed commented on this initiative;

This collaboration between Helen’s Daughters and WhyFarm is fantastic in my opinion, especially as I grew up loving comic books;

Agriman Agventures is a treasure trove that will inspire generations, fostering a love for agriculture, sustainability, and the endless possibilities of honing a career in this field. I have no doubt that children all over will read and enjoy your publications.

Kathy BirchMcDiarmed, Head Librarian – Hunter J. Franois Library

Among the visited schools during HJFL’s outreach were the Millet Primary School, the Anse La Raye Infrant School, and the Roseau R. C. Combined School. The Library’s outreach intiative has been a major part of annual celebrations such as the National Nobel Laureate Festival and International Library Week.

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