Library Week Activities Hunter J. François Library

Official Opening of National Library Week

Monday April 4

The official opening of National Library Week takes place at the Central Library on 4th April. Included as part of the programme is a tribute to Mr. Hunter J. François, by the St. Lucia School of Music. They will perform “O Danny Boy". There will also be presentations by students and by the staff of Central Library.

National Library Workers’ Day

Tuesday April 5

This is a day for library staff, users, administrators and ‘friends of the library’ to recognize the valuable contributions made by librarians and all library workers. Library workers continuously utilize the latest technologies to develop their collections, transform library spaces and advance service delivery and information access.

Their knowledge and ability bring valuable tools directly to communities, providing everyone with an equal opportunity to access information and library services. They also serve every age group, many organizations, and entire communities. The hard work, dedication, and expertise of library support staff and librarians will be celebrated on that day.

National Library Outreach Day

Wednesday April 6

Library Outreach Day is an opportunity for library advocates to move out into the community to help promote literacy and support language and literacy skills development. Literacy is essential to developing a strong sense of well-being and citizenship.

Children who have developed strong reading skills perform better in school and have a healthier self-image. On 6th April 2022, library staff will visit four infant schools in Educational District Four. In addition to visiting the school library and making a donation of story books to the principal, library staff will also engage students in a series of fun, reading activities and assess the needs of each school library.

Take Action for Libraries Day

Thursday April 7

Scheduled visits to libraries island wide will provide some primary data for the formulation of a joint report on “The Status of Libraries in Saint Lucia: The Way Forward”. The report will gather data from a Librarian’s perspective on the information needs of libraries. This is an initiative of the Hunter J. François Library and the Central Library. It is hoped that this report can form part of the documentation that currently exists to provide information needed for the improvement of all libraries.

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Derek Walcott Library Presents Young, Gifted and Black Hosted by Vladimir Lucien

Friday April 8 — 2:00 PM

Young, Gifted and Black looks at Saint Lucian artists navigating the globe, working in the diaspora and beyond the familiar shores of their countries. From hip hop artists, to poets, to filmmakers -- all of the panelists have in one way or another benefited from the foundation set by Derek Walcott, not only through his literary work, but a life lived in different spaces, countries, among different cultures, benefiting from them, benefiting them, all from the strong sense of home, of Saint Lucia, he held within. The talk promises to be an exciting conversation about art in the contemporary world, the far-reaching influence of a great man, and a portrait of Saint Lucians pursuing their dreams, wheresoever they may roam.

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WORRRD Up: Short Story Awards

Wednesday April 13

WORRRD Up is a library activity created to promote literacy and provide an opportunity for students to test and display their literary skills. Additionally, poetry, storytelling and other literary forms are brought to life as students explore and utilize the various literary tools taught in the classroom.This competition is open to all students of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. The short story is entitled, "Myths or Reality - A Library Story”. The outstanding participants will be announced on 13th April 2022 as the HJFL closes off National Library Week.

In Celebration of National Library Week ...

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination.
They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve,
and contribute to improving our quality of life.

Sidney Sheldon
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Meet the Staff of the Hunter J. François Library

The Hunter J. Francois Library is steadfast in its support of scholastic achievement of all students attending the SALCC. As an important academic partner on campus, the library recognizes the importance of prioritizing student success.

Its student centered approach therefore supports collaborative learning, more group work and providing platforms for students to showcase their literary skills. The main roles of the academic library staff include guiding and supporting students in the effective use of the library's resources, attending to the information and research needs of faculty and course writers, providing instructional support through information literacy workshops, and integrating technology into the development of new library collections.

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