This programme is designed to instruct students in the fundamental principles and related disciplines of Agriculture. It prepares them to undertake job responsibilities as senior technicians, middle management personnel, agricultural science teachers, commercial farmers or farm managers and it provides a base for advanced agricultural studies at the Degree level.

During the period of study students receive tuition in Science, Farm Management and Production courses and participate in practical activities throughout. The focus of the programme is the use of modern scientific techniques with a business approach to agriculture and farming.

Entry Requirements

  1. Post-secondary school students require a minimum of five (5) CSEC passes including English, Mathematics and Chemistry.
    • Students who do not have a pass in CSEC Chemistry will be able to do Access Chemistry courses to satisfy the requirements of the Programme.
  2. Mature Students status — a person who has reached their 21st birthday, with at least three years' work experience in the Agricultural Sector or are self-employed in the Agricultural Sector will also be eligible for consideration.
    • An interview with the applicant is required.
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Programme Summary

  • This programme runs for two years and consists of four (4) semesters.
  • Each year consists of two (2) semesters.
  • There is a total of 75 Credits to be scored.
  • Communication Studies I (COM103) (4 Credits)
  • Agricultural Mathematics (AGM105) (4 Credits)
  • Computer Applications (CIT101) (3 Credits)
  • Chemistry (CHM102) (4 Credits)
  • Animal Science (ASC102) (3 Credits)
  • Plant Science (PSC101) (3 Credits)
  • Fundamentals of Economics (ECO101) (3 Credits)
  • Communication Studies II (COM104) (3 Credits)
  • Caribbean Issues and Perspectives (CIP201) (3 Credits)
  • Fundamentals of Soil Science (SSC108) (3 Credits)
  • Principles of Animal Production (PAP106) (3 Credits)
  • Introduction to Ecology and Microbiology (AGR112) (3 Credits)
  • Farm Management (FRM111) (4 Credits)
  • Horticultural Crops Agronomy (HCA204) (3 Credits)
  • Veterinary Science (VET211) (3 Credits)
  • Hydrology, Land and Water Management (HWM205) (2 Credits)
  • Crop Protection and Pest Management (CPR212) (3 Credits)
  • Livestock Management (AGR202) (3 Credits)
  • Farm Machinery Building (FMB206) (3 Credits)
  • Agribusiness Management (ABM216) (3 Credits)
  • Principles of Crop Production (PCP107) (3 Credits)
  • Farm Practice I (FAP105) (3 Credits)
  • Farm Practice III (FAP110) (3 Credits)
  • Farm Practice IV (FAP207) (3 Credits)
  • Farm Practice V (FAP213) (3 Credits)


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