SALCC Signs MOU with Johnson and Wales

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College continues to take strides to provide students with quality education through partnerships with reputable universities in the region and globally. The College recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Johnson and Wales, an institution with which the College has had a longstanding relationship. Both parties aspire to create a new kind of relationship which will be global, strategic, and transformational and which will enhance the learning experience of their respective student communities.

The new Memorandum of Understanding will:

  1. Develop pathways to provide students from both institutions the option of doing semesters abroad at each other’s institutions.
  2. Develop academic collaboration for students and faculty exchange programs.
  3. Explore opportunities for joint research programs.
  4. Develop academic pathways for the SALCC students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Johnson & Wales University.

The current life of the Memorandum of Understanding is three years. The College recently signed an MOU with Niagra University focused on the training of teachers. The College continues to seek pathways that will enhance the learning experience not only of current students, but alumni and by extension the nation.

January, 2020 Corporate

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