The Associate Degree in Secondary Education is offered under the aegis of the Joint Board of Teacher Education for the Eastern Caribbean. It is targeted at persons who intend to teach at the secondary level of the education system.

The programme is aimed at developing the participants’ academic and pedagogical knowledge, teaching competence, and personal qualities. In the Secondary programme, students select one specialist subject which comprises their teaching Major, and one other subject as their Minor.

The Major component of the programme consists of five courses (15 credits) in the specialist subject, and the Minor consists of three courses (9 credits) in the other subject. There are no Minors offered in the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes. Students pursuing the TVET programmes take eight courses (24 credits) in the Major area (TVET).


On completion of this programme learners will be able to:

  • Enhancement of competencies required to use language effectively and confidently as a communication tool.
  • Analytical study of issues which are pertinent to the development and growth of Caribbean societies.
  • Development of greater awareness of the relationship between personal health, wellness and social development and the promotion of appropriate practices in this regard.

Entry Requirements

  1. CSEC Passes — Grades I and II — in five (5) or more subjects.
  2. Two (2) A Levels or CAPE subjects — 2 units OR an Associate Degree in Specialist subjects.
  3. Subject department may require additional requirements. Interview required.
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