Cabot Saint Lucia Scholarship Programme

This Scholarship is intended for students who are economically challenged but have demonstrated the academic and behavioral capacity to succeed.

This will increase the pool of students who can access training in Tourism and Hospitality thereby creating a broader and richer talent pool in the Tourism and Hospitality industry in Saint Lucia. The scholarship will also provide internship opportunities where students can develop their skills and knowledge.

The scholarship will provide ...

Full Tuition

Chef's Package

Laptop / Computer

Transportation Assistance

  • Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.7.
  • Participation in at least two Cabot Cares initiative related to community service.
  • Internship opportunities for the participants within their field of study.
Selection Criteria
  • Financial need (assessment from interview).
  • Merit of their academic performance (CSEC Results and Transcript).
  • Interview.

How to Apply


Complete the Application Form.
This is a fillable PDF which you can download using the button below;


Write a 400-500 word essay, explaining and supporting why this scholarship should be awarded to you. Applicants will be selected based on academic performance and financial needs.


Submit Your Documents
Attach your completed application form and essay to an email. This email must be sent to

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, May 31 2022.


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