Cabot Scholarship Programme

This Scholarship is intended for students who are economically challenged but have demonstrated the academic and behavioral capacity to succeed.

Accommodations and Hospitality

Suited for persons interested in hotel or attraction work, this programme exposes learners to all the key aspects of hotel operations.

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is ideal for the aspiring cook. It provides the tools, skills and theory required to work within a professional kitchen.

Food and Beverage Operations

A blend of all aspects of food and drink, this programme exposes the learner to the management and operations of the kitchen, dining room, bar, events and catering, with emphasis on efficient and quality service.

Tourism and Hospitality Management

This Bachelor's programme offers the necessary training to produce innovative leaders in various positions found within the tourism industry.

Tourism Studies and Sustainability

Learners are exposed to the overall management of tourism, with emphasis on adopting sustainable approaches to develop the industry further. Key areas of study will include policy, planning, and management, among others.

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