This programme is a foundational degree in Biology. It introduces learners to the study of life. The programme closely relates the structure of various biological systems with their functions.


The Associate of Science in Chemistry degree program is for learners who wish to pursue baccalaureate studies in the chemical or physical and life sciences or who plan to continue with professional studies, such as pre-pharmacy, pre-medical or pre-dental programmes.

Environmental Science and Sustainable Development

This programme seeks to cultivate an understanding of the role of humans in contributing to environmental change, and how this change can be used to foster ecological sustainability, social wellbeing, and economic growth.

Pathways to Medicine

The Pathways to Medicine programme supports the aspirations of learners who wish to move into health-related careers.


The programme is designed to sustain the interest of learners with a balanced blend of classroom instruction, laboratory experiments and investigative research. The programme also serves as a foundation for several careers.

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