Helen's Daughters Scholarship

Helen's Daughters Scholarship Programme

This intiative aims to provide two female (2) SALCC students with the opportunity to further their studies and pursue careers in agriculture subjects.

The scholarship is available to applicants of the following SALCC programmes — General Agriculture and Climate Smart Crop Production.

Tuition costs will be paid for by the scholarship, and the recipient will be required to provide voluntary services to the Helen's Daughters Organization for the duration of her programme.

* Email application form and required documents to agriculture@apps.salcc.edu.lc.
Deadline for Applications: October 6, 2023

Application Requirements

The following stipulations must be met. The applicant;

  • Must be a Saint Lucian citizen.
  • Must be a female under the age of 35 years old.
  • Must be a from a low-income family household.
  • Must not be a recipient of any other scholarship or subsidy offered by the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, or the Government of Saint Lucia.
  • Must retain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher.

Duration of Scholarship

  1. General Agriculture: maximum two (2) years.
  2. Climate Smart Crop Production: maximum two (2) years.

Required Documents

  1. An SALCC Acceptance Letter.
  2. A certified copy of the applicant's CSEC certificate(s) and professional development certificates related to study interests.
  3. An essay (250-300 words) entitled "Why I deserve this scholarship."
  4. A completed scholarship application form.
  5. A reference from a non-family member explaining the applicant's financial needs, academic merit, and professional aspiration.

Selection Criteria

The following will be considered when awarding the scholarship to applicants;

  • History of extracurricular activities, community involvement and participation in clubs.
  • Demonstrated dedication to their nation's social and economic advancement.
  • Academic merit.
  • Equality criteria — financial hardship, sole parent/unemployment, medical condition/disability, etc.
  • Personal attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should my scholarship application and associated materials be submitted?

    All applications and associated application materials must be submitted together electronically to agriculture@apps.salcc.edu.lc. In the subject of your email for your electronic submission please write, “Helen's Daughters Scholarship Submission.” ONLY electronic applications are accepted.

    Scanned electronic copies of the scholarship application and associated materials are accepted. Scholarship applications and associated application materials submitted in other forms will not be accepted. The scholarship application and associated materials should be submitted in one email from each scholarship applicant to prevent incomplete submissions.

  2. What happens if I apply for the Helen's Daughters Scholarship and then obtain another scholarship?

    All applicants are urged to inform our office of any outside scholarships.

  3. When do applicants receive notification of the scholarship decision?

    All applicants who submitted a completed application will receive an email with our decision. You will know that you have successfully submitted an application once you receive an email from us confirming that we have received your submission.

  4. If I am selected, how will the funds be distributed to me?

    The scholarship award will be distributed directly to the college finance department towards the scholars’ tuition expenses.

  5. Can I be awarded the scholarship more than once?

    No. At this time you can only be awarded this scholarship once. However, there are no limitations on how often you can apply if you have never been awarded the scholarship.

    All completed applications accompanied by all required supporting materials will be reviewed by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee to ensure that every applicant receives full consideration.

    Applicants will be scored using a points system based on the quality of the content provided and a possible match with donor eligibility preferences. The committee also will assess students based on previous academic performance and the alignment of a candidate’s coursework with approved programs of study.

    All decisions by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee are final and any attempts by applicants to lobby or persuade the committee during the process will result in immediate disqualification.