Functional Mandarin I

This course aims to help learners with no prior Mandarin background to acquire basic Mandarin language skills, for regular verbal communication and basic written communication. Learners should gain with regards to vocabulary, grammatical knowledge and speaking confidence. Learners will be exposed to a variety of instructional activities including listening exercises, dialogue practice, group discussion, role play and problem-solving.

Functional Mandarin II

The course aims to ensure that students maintain and further their Mandarin skills. Students should experience gains in vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, and oral skills and confidence. Conversational practice will help learners to communicate effectively and appropriately in varied and practical daily situations.

Learning Outcomes

Functional Mandarin I

At the end of this course learners will be able to;

  • Discuss the characteristics of Mandarin;
  • Demonstrate command of the pinyin system;
  • Exchange basic greetings;
  • Express the different degrees of adjectives;
  • Express nationalities and names of countries;
  • Express simple sentences with correct grammar;
  • Conduct elementary communicative exchanges;
  • Express what they can or cannot do;
  • Express the activities in which they like to engage;
  • Introduce themselves orally.

Functional Mandarin II

At the end of this course learners will be able to;

  • Demonstrate competence with Chinese pronunciation and tones;
  • Demonstrate command of large numbers which are under five (5) digits;
  • Describe people according to their appearance;
  • Introduce one person to another;
  • Describe daily routines;
  • Use Mandarin terms associated with modesty appropriately;
  • Demontrate competence using the main sentence patterns of Chinese grammar;
  • Perform tasks and solve problems in everyday language environments;
  • Write short paragraphs and narrative pieces in Mandarin;
  • Write letters in Mandarin;
  • Prepare short notes in Mandarin.


What careers and opportunities await you after this course ...?

Foreign Education

Learners will have the potential to study abroad in a Mandarin-speaking country.

Entry Requirements

There are no requirements for this programme.

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