In this immersion programme, learners will be introduced to speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills at the basic level. The goal of this course is to allow learners to improve face to face speaking interactions in day-to-day situations, develop listening skills in everyday dialogues on familiar topics, improve reading/comprehension of short texts with familiar everyday words and produce/write short texts using familiar everyday words.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to;

  • Recognize greetings, introductions, and expressions of goodwill.
  • Recognize very short, simple instructions, commands, information and requests related to personal needs.
  • Identify expressions used to attract attention and to ask for help in situations of immediate/urgent personal need.
  • Identify very simple information about highly familiar topics.
  • Use and respond to basic courtesy formulas and greetings.
  • Give brief, simple, common, routine instructions to a familiar person.
  • Make and respond to simple requests related to immediate personal needs (such as asking for assistance, or for the time, a price or an amount). Respond to requests about familiar topics (family).
  • Give basic personal information in response to direct questions from a supportive listener.
  • Ask for basic personal information.
  • Read short greetings and simple goodwill messages.
  • Read very short, simple instructions and information for common, familiar everyday situations.
  • Read information from very short, simple, common formatted texts (such as simple sections of forms, maps, diagrams, sales receipts, or common universal traffic signs and civic symbols).
  • Recognize names, numbers and some basic details in very simple, short texts related to everyday situations and immediate needs.
  • Convey greetings or other goodwill messages by completing cards or other very short, simple standard texts.
  • Copy numbers, letters, words, short phrases or sentences from simple lists or very short passages, for personal use or to complete short tasks.

Entry Requirements

There are no requirements for this programme.

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