The Bachelor’s Degree in General Nursing Programme is an eleven (11) semester programme that combines coursework on campus with guided clinical experiences in various health care agencies.

Upon successful completion of the programme the graduate is able to: apply the nursing process in the provision and management of safe and effective nursing care to individuals, families and communities; and, function as a member of the nursing profession and multidisciplinary health team in a variety of health care settings.

The graduate is also eligible to take regional and international licensing examinations for entry into professional nursing practice both here and abroad.


This programme seeks to;

  • Apply principles of physical, biological, behavioral, social, health sciences to provide nursing care to clients in a variety of health care settings.
  • Incorporate professional nursing standards and accountability by practicing within the legal, ethical, economical and regulatory framework of nursing and health care.
  • Demonstrate professionalism, emotional maturation and a commitment of collegiate practice and lifelong learning.
  • Use the nursing process, critical thinking, and technical skills to provide quality, holistic, client and family centered care aimed at promoting, maintain ing, restoring and optimizing health.
  • Use effective interpersonal communication skills to develop caring relationships with clients across the life span.
  • Use teaching learning and counseling process to promote self-care and optimal health.
  • Apply the principles of leadership and management to promote cost effective and improved health care outcomes in collaboration with members of the health team.
  • Participate in and use current research findings in nursing practice.

Entry Requirements

  1. Five CSEC Subjects — Grades I, II or III — including three compulsory subjects: English A, Mathematics and Chemistry. Chemistry and one other access course along with three other CSEC subjects will be accepted.
  2. Minimum age requirement: 18 years at the end of the first year of studies.
  3. An Entrance Examination would be conducted prior to interview of applicants.
  4. Interview: conducted for applicants whose applications meet the academic requirements. Applicants are expected to display a keen interest in the programme and possess rudimentary knowledge of the field. An age related level of maturity and basic professionalism should be displayed.
  5. Associate Degree to Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Admission into the programme will be successful completion of a 3-year Associate Degree programme over the last 5 years or Registered Nurse (RN) in active practice with successful completion over 5 years.
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