The BA in Business Administration is designed to prepare career focused students with a wide range of knowledge of business principles.

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College has a long history of providing training for workers in the business field which puts us in a unique position to understand the needs from a local and global context.

Learners are offered a comprehensive business education in key content areas such as management, marketing, economics, business law, accounting and finance. Learners will be exposed to concepts related to sustainability in the field in keeping with the new focus of our programmes, sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship. This programme will provide an employment pool of prospective management level employees, thereby building on our human resource capacity.

Also included in the programme are various practicum experiences and internship based on the apprenticeship model and a final internship designed to give students experience in the field. Any graduand of this programme will be well poised for a wide variety of business-related careers with current knowledge and cutting-edge skills.


This programme seeks to;

  • Build knowledge and expertise in the modern business world utilizing sustainable practices.
  • Train individuals to display a high level of professionalism.
  • Enable learners to develop an entrepreneurial and innovative vision for business.
  • Provide learners with the opportunity to work in a variety of areas within the business world through hands on practical experiences.
  • Cultivate innovative and resilient leaders in the industry.
  • Develop learners who can apply skills in communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving in real situations.
  • Train learners who have understanding and can operate effectively in local, regional, and international environments.

Entry Requirements

  1. Post-secondary school students require a minimum of five (5) CSEC passes (Mathematics and English required).
  2. CSEC passes in the following subjects would be an asset;
    • Economics or Social Studies
    • Information Technology
    • Principles of Business or Principles of Accounts
  3. SALCC graduates require Associate Degree or "A" Level qualifications in relevant disciplines.
  4. Mature students and other graduates require professional and work experience. Relevant qualifications are required, as deemed appropriate by the university college.

Apply Now Admission Requirements

Programme Summary

  • This programme runs for four (4) years and consists of eight (8) semesters.
  • Each year consists of two (2) semesters.
  • There are 123 Credits in total.
  • Critical Reading and Writing (GE) (4 Credits)
  • Mathematics for Finance / Business Mathematics (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Principles of Financial Accounting (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Principles of Management (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Computer Applications (GE) (3 Credits)
  • A Survey of Saint Lucian History and Heritage (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Principles of Cost and Management Accounting (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Introduction to Micro-economics (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Introduction to Marketing (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Modern Language (ML) (3 Credits)
  • Speech, Self and Society (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Introduction to Macro-economics (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Business Law (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Statistical Applications (PC) (4 Credits)
  • Modern Language (ML) (3 Credits)
  • Ethics and Professional Development (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Science Design Thinking (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Sustainable Business and Innovation Practices (3 Credits)
  • Professional Development – Practicum I (PR) (1 Credits)
  • Summer Internship – Practicum II (RI) (3 Credits)
  • General Education (3 Credits)
  • Organizational Behaviour (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Programme Course Option (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Technology and Applications in Management (RI) (3 Credits)
  • Research Design and Methods (RI) (3 Credits)
  • Public Relations / Organization Communication (GE) (3 Credits)
  • General Education (3 Credits)
  • Trade and International Business (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Principles of Finance (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Organizational Leadership (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Summer Internship – Practicum III (RI) (3 Credits)
  • Ethics for Business (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Human Resource Management (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Project Management (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Programme Course Option (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Elective (3 Credits)
  • Business Capstone - Thesis (RI) (3 Credits)
  • Supply Chain Management (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Business Policy and Strategy (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Management Information System (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Summer Internship – Practicum IV (RI) (3 Credits)


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