Creative and Performing Arts

The Concentration in Performing Arts offers learners the opportunity to develop their creative talents, and attain a high tertiary level certification in foundation areas of the performing arts. The programme is structured to provide a holistic training experience comprising much practice in creative production and performance, as well as to provide critical knowledge in other related areas that underpin performance success in creative industries. Learners will do core practical courses in theatre arts, and core courses in the business of the arts including production management.

In addition to these specialized offerings, learners will broaden their learning experience with a selection of General Education courses, and a range of personal interest courses that can be done as required electives. The successful graduate of this programme will have the requisite knowledge and practical skills to launch a career in many possible areas of the creative economy, or to gain easy access to higher university or professional level training in the creative and performing arts.

Learning Outcomes

Plan and execute an individual or group theatrical performance. Develop an effective stage performance from either a written script, or any other initial stimulus including elements of their culture. Demonstrate skills in using the body, voice and creative imagination to create impactful performances for an audience. Explain various theatre performance traditions from communities around the world. Do Business and Technical Production Planning. Explain the importance of the Performing Arts in the development of cultural industries and a creative economy. Critique theatrical and other staged performances. Create, or contribute to the creation of novel works in the performing art

Entry Requirements

Passes in at least five (5) subjects at CXC General Proficiency Level, including English A, Mathematics, and Spanish/French (Grades I, II, III) or GCE ‘O’ level (Grades A, B, C)or a combination of both.

College matriculation requirements inclusive of a Grade I or II at the CSEC level in ENGLISH LITERATURE and THEATRE ARTS/VISUAL ARTS or Equivalent.


Associate Degree in Performing Arts

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Programme Info

  • Start Date: September, 2020
  • Class Size: TBA
  • Programme Duration: 2 years

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