Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

The Associate Degree programme prepares students to take on job responsibilities as senior technicians, middle management personnel, agricultural science teachers, commercial farmers or farm managers. It also provides a base for advanced agricultural studies at the degree level.

Requirements for programme Entry:

Passes in at least five (5) subjects at CSEC General Proficiency Level, including English A and Mathematics (Grades 1, 2, 3) or GCE ‘O’ Level (Grades (A,B,C) or a combination or both; and any other required courses.

General Associate Degree entry requirements including Chemistry and any other Science Subject (except Human and Social Biology) at CSEC or equivalent level. Applicants who have not passed Chemistry at CSEC level or equivalent are advised to pursue an Access Chemistry course at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College during the year.

Mature Students status – a person who has reached their 21st birthday, at least three/five years’ work experience in the Agricultural Sector or are self-employed in the Agricultural Sector will also be eligible for consideration. Interview Required.

Description Year One ($) Year Two ($)

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Programme Info

  • Start Date: September, 2020
  • Class Size: TBA
  • Programme Duration: 2 years

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