May 19th 2021 Corporate

Minister of Education Visits SALCC

The esteemed Dr. Gale Rigobert receives a warm welcome upon arrival at SALCC. Read More...

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salcc bachelors degree

New Bachelor's Programmes

SALCC unveils four Brand New Bachelor of Arts programmes.

04/05/21 Academics
Derek Walcott Library

Derek Walcott Library

The work of Sir Derek Walcott finds a new home at SALCC.

23/03/21 Corporate
A Successful Graduation

Graduation Success

SALCC's inaugural Virtual Ceremony, for the Class Of 2020.

31/01/21 Academics


dr. keith nurse

Keynote Presentation by Dr. Keith Nurse at Harold Simmons Memorial.

17/06/21 Corporate
Programmes and Application for Academic Year 2020/2021

Programmes and Application Process for 2020/2021.

18/06/20 Academics
Principal of SALCC and Senior Economic Advisor to shares his perspective on what the economies of small island states would look like post COVID-19

Principal shares perspective on small-island economies post COVID-19.

18/06/20 Corporate
Principal speaks to relevance and potential of SALCC in changing environment and demand for online content in the entertainment industry

Principal discusses relevance of SALCC catering to online content in entertainment industry.

03/04/20 Corporate
PS in the Ministry of Education, Michelle Charles; and Principal of the SALCC, Dr. Keith Nurse speak on COVID-19 response

SALCC Principal, Ministry of Education PS and Michelle Charles discuss COVID-19 response.

18/06/20 Corporate
SALCC rapidly scales-up to online delivery of academic courses given the suspension of face-to-face classes

SALCC transitions to online academic courses in wake of COVID-19.

18/06/20 Academics