Ryn-Kyj King

Sustainable Business and Tourism (2020 - 2023)

Ryn-Kyj enjoys reading, writing, gaming, climbing, planting and cooking. He aspires one day to become either a Chef or a Business Operations Manager. The WORRRD Up Poetry Slam has given Ryn-Kyj an outlet to express his emotions in a form that he loves, which is writing. It has also afforded him the opportunity to test his poetry skills.

What Poetry means to Me... “Poetry to me is a form of self-expression. An indirect way of expressing your feelings/emotions in an environment where you don’t feel judged”.

ryn kyj king

Toxic by Ryn-Kyj King

At first it was great
The hugs, the kisses, the dates
Her love became his nutrients
He needed her to survive
The effect she had on him Was like the moon luring the tides
Leading him to believe, he needed her
More than she needed him
Like leaves clinging to the sun’s rays
Like the Earth’s thirst for rain
Cue in the over thinking-the nitpicking at small, irrelevant details
That meant nothing, yet everything
Like getting dressed too nicely when they went out
Craving attention or the sensation of admiration
Would never say “I love you more”
Was loving him such a chore?
Go play games with your friends
As if he annoyed her to no end
Insecurities arose, and he became irate
Manipulation and abuse became the norm
Caging a bird, who yearned for freedom

She tries to communicate, yet he doesn’t listen
Defeated, depreciated, she looks on
At the disaster that disrupts her life's cadence
Like a tornado, destroying her from within
The more she tries to please, To ease his insecurities
The more he spins the story, to fit his own narrative
Things so simple, Taken way out of proportion
Causing constant concern and irritation
Now when she dresses up for date night
She needs to check herself
Once, twice, sometimes thrice
It was all the bittersweet moments
That they shared, She was addicted
To the love, the love, oh how sweet
That she ignored the bitter, toxic which consumed her
Like a bird trapped in an open cage
Yearning to be free, but hesitant to take flight
But now she is no longer scared
And has exhausted all her tears
So she sat him down and spoke her mind
Intending to leave all this strife behind

What do you want to talk about he says
Looking up slowly, she clutches her chest
Her heart beating rapidly
Like the wings of a bird, ready to take flight
She felt confident, no trace of fear
You are a terrible heart concierge
But I love you
You love me?!
Yes i adore you
Your actions make that seem anything but true
And I haven't heard those words in a month or a few.
You’ve interrupted my life’s peace
I'm in bondage, and need to be released
I'm tired of this i can't do it anymore
No need to settle a score
I need to build myself back up from the core
Let us part ways. I need
Heal my broken heart, my broken wings
To soar. in love. once more.

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