Niah Lynch

Construction Engineering (2021 - 2023)

Niah enjoys singing, dancing, painting and writing. She aspires to become a Construction Engineer and explore different forms of art on the side. Niah entered this competition because she felt that she needed to showcase what she referred to as ‘a natural given talent’ that most people did not know she possessed. She also wanted to boost her confidence in writing.

What Poetry means to Me... “Poetry to me is an expressive art. Kind of like abstract paintings in which different viewers see something different, readers have different perspectives on a piece and make that perspective a personal experience”.

niah lynch

Just Breathe by Niah Lynch

"Just breathe” you say
The four walls mock me as they inch closer and closer
"It's alright", "you'll be fine", "it's going to be okay"
Yet my body rejects those words like a bad odour
You shove these lies along with pills down my throat to keep me calm
Instead, they ring in my head like someone set off an alarm
You’ve diagnosed me with Post traumatic stress
And expect me to wear my emotions like a brooch on my chest
All my life I've been treading a path of broken glass
You think I can just move on and leave everything in the past?

“Inhale, exhale. Relax. Just breathe”
You’ve said those lines so many times you sound like a scratched CD
You’re turning me inside out, reopening wounds and leaving bigger scars
Trying to figure out how far is too far
You say you feel my pain and it’s okay to shed tears
You wouldn’t understand cause when my own blood lick me to the bone you weren’t there
I was beaten black and blue, stomped on, used
Like a doormat because all I saw was under shoes
Slowly you’re turning my reality to a nightmare
Letting me drown in my ocean of fears
But this joke’s on you, I’ll ride this wave
Right to the shore of my grave

“Deep breath in. Release.”
I’ve been breathing since I was born, so why can’t I find peace?
Never ending tears, my eyes are a broken faucet
You turned me paper thin in filling your pocket
Pain and I are two ends of a magnet
And my heart says I can only find peace in a casket
You say no, I can keep everything in check
Well this train is speeding downhill and it’s about to wreck
This vicious cycle of torment has me morphing into a slump of distress
Your journal writing and breathing tactics have made me nothing but depressed

I’ve had enough. I’ve reached my limit.
Whatever this stupid battle is I forfeit
“Come back next week,” you say with delight
After quenching the fire I had left in me to fight,
At the expense of my sanity
You’ve drained my energy and money just to say you understand me
“Remember to breathe,” no, no don’t tell me to breathe
Because when my lungs shut tight, nothing goes down my windpipe, and all manner of life just ceases
It’s okay though, I’ll go back to Gaia and I’ll take my wreath
My oxygen level is zero so I can’t no matter how many times you say “Just breathe.”

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