Nataki Florentville

Associates Degree in Biology (2020 - 2022)

Nataki enjoys singing, dancing, drawing, modeling, making jokes and laughing. She aspires to one day become either a Doctor or Psychologist. Nataki’s love for poetry is what inspired her to participate in the competition. It was also an outlet for her to showcase her talent to the world.

What Poetry means to Me... “Poetry has been something that came to me naturally. Poetry is the way in which my inner being speaks”.

nataki florentville

H.E.R by Nataki Florentville

“Help me”, “Help me”, she hopelessly cries internally
She’s stuck in a world overruled by masculinity
Looked down upon like a washed up old grey coin
There is nothing she can do,
“just stop already” they say, “you’re being annoying”

Alone and deserted her soul sleeps in agony
Abandoned by the ones she loved after a mind numbing tragedy
Used and then thrown away when pleasure was gained successfully
She has no one by her side, she wallows in the shadows,
shivering like an abandoned, helpless baby

She is stuck in a system which refuses to let her be free Men decided her fate before the tender age of three
No woman can overrule the king’s absolute decree
Do you know why? It’s because they lacked the most important key
It’s knowledge! Obviously, what? Don’t look at me
I’m only here to tell her story

Knowledge is key, it gives you the strength,
the power and determination to be set free
Oh how she lacked that identity
Stripped down like a skinless animal,
from birth by a man she called, daddy

The cold air nipped at her exposure while it seeped into her blemished skin
The thumping of the wall always sounded like someone was trying to get in
The neighbors pretend that it’s all a part of a broadcasted movie scene
A blind eye turned by insiders and outsiders on a girl
closer to death than anyone has seen

Thump Crash Crash Thump
The beat of the unorganized orchestra displayed on her chocolate melanin…bump?
Shhhh That secret was stilled by a magic pill
Caged like a feral and infected animal
Tossed to the wind when his meter got filled

Har-har-harlot tiny humans dance and grin
Laughing at her unfortunate blessing
Da-da-daddy why? She painfully screams
My beautiful harlot, Daddy wants you to sing
As doors shut like in the presence of a demonic human being

On trembling legs, she madly dashed across a thousand scenes
Free, is what she thought when she flew over the ravine
Sadly, her luck was cursed from the very beginning
Caught before anyone even heard a thing

Rape she bellowed at the multicolored collar scene
Objection, a fat man with a whale sized belly preen, why was it never seen?
Harlot, the crowd cheered with glee
Silence all, the defendant is found not guilty

Treading and plowing like a plantation slave,
away from where the eyes can’t see
Shame made her become something she never wanted to be
Dreams she had and dreams she lost
Satisfaction he gained at all cost

Souless, lifeless eyes
Stare at what used to be a bright young child
Her heart grew cold with every pre-scheduled aggressive hold
She wore an H burned into her skin and paraded like a masquerade queen

She had no knowledge she had a bad name
She never wanted this terrible nerve wracking,
heart breaking, suicide inducing fame
Tis was a girl who never got to learn
All she got was shame pain and a demeaning, branding burn

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