Melanie Richard

Pre-college / CAPE (2019 - 2023)

Melanie enjoys playing football, singing and cycling. She aspires to become a Psychologist. Melanie entered this competition because she saw it as an opportunity to step out of her comfort zone, to enhance her public speaking, but more so for her writing to be heard. She listens to gospel, pop, soca, rhythm and blues.

What Poetry means to Me... “I believe poetry is food for the soul”.

melanie richard

My Dear Brown Skin Girl by Melanie Richard

My dear brown skin girl
My sweet cocoa twin
Do you know
From head to toe
Like the sun
Melanin shines bright through your skin

Do you know it is that Melanin
Your pure heart of gold
Thick chocolate lips
Your clouds of afro hair
Your dazzling smile
And large soulful eyes
That make you a queen

Your skin is divine
So redeem your light
And don't be afraid to shine
For you will be judged either way
Because of your blackness
They will even stare
And pierce you with their hatefulness
For your magnificent beauty
Has caused tremendous envy and jealousy
So they crave what's within
And what lies beneath your radiant brown skin
Wishing they had more pigments of melanin

My dear brown skin girl
Your wounds
Wounds of rejection and humiliation
Hatred and discrimination
Have formed a crown of thorns
And Though they stab and cause you pain
Embrace your scars
For they tell a powerful story - your story
Of the storms and trials you've experienced
So yes It is a part of you,
But no it does not define you
So love yourself
For there's no two like you

You may dislike your wide hips
Your thick luscious lips
And even cry about your fat cheeks
But God made you
And he makes no mistakes
So don't you dare hide away
Show those perfect pretty pictures
And let yourself be seen
For you are gorgeous in every absolute way

My dear brown skin girl
Your black is beautiful
Needing no correction or apology
It symbolizes your power and history
And more importantly your god given beauty
So lift your head to the glorious sky
And walk with honor and pride
Seeking no validation
Because your blackness X3
Is simply perfection

To my dear brown skin girl

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