Jwanyl Mathias

Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Climate Smart Agriculture (2021 - 2022)

Jwanyl enjoys listening to music, photography, cooking and reading. His career goals are to one day become either a Chef, an Entrepreneur or an Agricultural Scientist. Jwanyl entered this competition to challenge himself.

What Poetry means to Me... “Poetry is to me a form of self-expression”.

jwanyl mathias

Critique by Jwanyl Mathias

Seeking reinvention... like Dhirv it's too funny when you look at yourself
It creates so much tension and dissatisfaction because
Life is unfair, Like my skin,
Dark, Rich like the blood within.
Finding myself was like finding Dory, and even N.E.M.O could not rebuild the missing gaps in my storey.
I want to use this opportunity to say I'm sorry
Because I lied to people important to me, awaited their return subconsciously, then brushed it off because I guess it wasn't meant to
be. Basically, the sour essence of my immature stupidity.
They were indeed gone and in retrospect I guess I still had some fun but it feels like I'm living my life on the run
From my emotions, my heart and my true self.
Conforming to expectations, which didn't make sense like that French exam we call Delf.
Outdone by toxic vices which were also bad for my health,
I just wanted to be heard, and not told that my brilliant ideas are absurd.
I needed an adventure to find me, kinda like Dory
Or Dora Because I'm an explorer if you thought you knew me.
Anxious to step out into the real world where hopes are crushed by voices and dreams unfold
But you held me down in this choke hold, tarnishing this 24 Karat Gold with your clean hands
I learnt that Freedom of speech is not freedom to offend.
Growing up I had neither, just my fists, gestures and a nod with my head.
Still, we are a pair and I know my love for you won't disappear. I just feel resentful sometimes when You’re near because you have
moulded me into a creature who reacts to fear.
Coincidentally you made me the one with the most potential here.
But I’m done.
I don't fear anymore.
The sky's my limit and like a phoenix I will rise
I will soar, and mend all of the crumbling gaps that you bore one day
One day...
One day I will look back and appreciate all that I've been through
Thanks to you, I found out that there's no greater feeling than the feeling of being you, New
Honest and true
In advance, Thank you.

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