Jayde Thomas

Engineering and the Circular Economy (2021 - 2023)

Jayde enjoys sports, reading, public speaking, video games and volunteering. He aspires to become an Architect and own an architectural firm. Jayde listens to most music genres but has an appreciation for lyrics over beats. He entered this competition to share his talent and joy for poetry.

What Poetry means to Me... “Poetry is a release of emotions on paper in a way other people can relate too”.

jayde thomas

Conversations by Jayde Thomas

Conversations in the dark
Have the tendency to spark
Relationships so deep
That we lose even our will to sleep,
Quicker than we lose our appetite
When our life is blown apart like dynamite
Even faster than we lose our creativity
When put in the face of adversity.
And as our words wander towards each other
Under the cover of the night
We succumb to this trancelike love without fright.

Tireless conversations with no end
Forsaken sleep schedules we cannot mend
Time from our lives we begin to lend
While our minds and hearts continue to blend.
As infatuation becomes stronger than reality
And together we seem to defy gravity
Our passion for each other grows
Even stronger than a tempest blows.

But good things never seem to last,
Like a child with melting ice-cream we fall, downcast;
As the demons in our lives conjure up the past
Opening up wounds soooo vast
Then into a grand canyon of tribulations we are cast
And what we built breaks apart so fast.
Is perseverance in love too much to ask?

But it isn't just the darkness
It's the person you share it with that will reset
All your feelings and inhibitions
Driving you crazy with new found ambition
However, be weary of that weapon
That holds within it all your secrets
It will lash out with no remorse, that hellhound
Your tongue will leave you heading southbound
Catching you when you least expect

And With old troubles come the reoccurring habit
As oftentimes our pride fails to admit
And our brain takes to long to transmit
Like a champion in a fight
Unwilling to submit
That those we love can cause so much pain
When in our lives we force them to remain
Because like a house on sinking sand
It's a weight it cannot sustain.

But as the light begins to fade
And we reflect on the strides we had made
We look out for a flicker of hope
That affection will provide the spark
To rekindle the lost flame
Started by conversations in the dark

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