Hannah Edwin

Pre-college / CAPE (2021 - 2023)

Hannah loves playing steelpan, reading and giving back to her community through voluntary activities. Hannah is a very sentimental person who hopes to one day work in the medical field as a doctor. She also aspires to become a lawyer, specializing in handling medical malpractice cases. Although her decision to enter into the competition was done on the spur she believes that she has something to offer through her writing.

What Poetry means to Me... “Poetry is a beautiful way of expressing my feelings and sentiments through words”.

hannah edwin

What You Seem Not To Be by Hannah Edwin

Home is many things.
It is spirit.
It is blood.
It is a place.
A safe space filled with liberty.
Where stories are told
within walls
graced with keepsakes
chosen with care.

It is summer song.
Feeling we belong.
An atmosphere we can share,
Wherever we are,
In my home,
There is a whole country.
A nation of people.
Just like you.
We have dreams,
As constant as changing winds.

I have tried to hold onto my home.
But what can I do
When my home tells me no?
No longer a safe space to go?

For my home has been exposed
To the darkness of corruption
The obscurity of dishonesty.
And dictatorship has destroyed
The walls of democracy
With its autocracy.

And my people have cried out,
And cried out,
And cried out
Till drums of war have drowned our shouts,
And I feel like I’m in
A dark hole.
Where oppression churns me up
Spits me out,
Destroys my pride with doubt.

So, in that hope of new dawns,
like comrades before me,
I cast my eyes
Beyond my horizon,
To that shining city on a hill,
Where Lady Liberty
Stands triumphantly,
Mother of exiles,
Waving world-wide welcome
From her beacon-hand,
Beckoning with promise
The American dreamland.

So, I turn to that land,
The land of the free,
Where equality and justice
Are supposed to exist.
The land of the free.
A whole system
Still built
On mental captivity,
Theft and treachery.
Founding fathers who detribalized
Too many societies.
Bearing no accountability,
Disregarding all responsibility,
Ignoring their liability,
Hemispheres of history.

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