Ethan Leandre

Economics, Trade and Finance ( 2021-2023)

Ethan enjoys photography, athletics, boxing and coding. He aspires to ‘change the world’. Ethan entered this competition as a challenge to himself to develop his poetic skills as poetry always scared him. His music interests include introspective rap, pop, caribbean dancehall and afrobeats.

What Poetry means to Me... “It means telling stories that resonate with the deepest part of your soul… Standout lines that stick in your mind that you wrestle with at all times of the night”.

ethan leandre

Bird Boss by Ethan Leandre

One 'fing' about me
I love my birds.

Sometimes, I 'ghee dem' my
that I won't add another bird
but as i see it
my cage is infinite-
enough space for every bird to fit:
to meet, to eat, and sometimes compete.
Elections are fierce, with some ‘dissing’ their peers
Others equipped with shears hearing news of Affairs.
My job is to calm the fear(d),
which I handle with so much care.

Sometimes, I 'ghee dem' my word
that I won't add another bird.
but as i see it
Birds need to laugh,smile and have a good time
Forget about their problems, for a little while
This is where, I come in
Share a couple jokes or a rare compliment
Helping birds with their confidence
Like alcohol running through their system
Taking the opportunity to kiss them
Pulling them closer to my body
Giving birds that sense of security
At this point, this is(slow) where I copulate
Taking all precautions not to procreate

Sometimes, I 'ghee dem' my
that I won't add another bird.
but as i see it
Friends come around and marvel at my collection (slow)
Wondering how i caught these birds without rejection(slow)
I tell them “you doesn’t listen”
All birds want is permission to speak their mind
Without judgement and often without Your opinion
“You telling me that so easy?”

YES, just sit there and listen.

Sometimes, I 'ghee dem' my word
that I won't add another bird.
but as i see it
they chirp among themselves and
become friends; they fly to the ends,
‘Feeling themselves’ , that my cage is theirs.
Birdwatchers try to impress them with wealth
But often they choose their mental health
“Therapist” they call me; or whatever she said
All of them are happy to share me
Knowing that their turn is stress free.
But there is one(elongate) that nags me
Wanting to become my one and only
this bird wants all my attention
all i want to do is just release the tension-
Maybe, to free her is the answer?
Or say that we will be together forever?

Wait what I'm I thinking
I remembered when I could only have one
Unfortunately that was no fun
Wondering if my bird is impressed-
Worrying if I'm missing out on the best-
stress and anxiety causes this falseness
Sorry, not sorry

I've got my whole life ahead of me
One bird is not my priority
But this cage, with so much variety
Allows me to live life without anxiety
When i am ready for exclusivity
I just might need psychiatry.

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