Emme Dilsuk

Digital Humanities, Creative Industries and Performing Arts (2020 - 2022)

Emme is a young lady who loves reading, painting and writing. She one day aspires to become a Director. When asked why did you join the competition? Her response was: “to test my skills.”

What Poetry means to Me... “It's a language I can use to communicate with other poets”.

emme dilsuk

End of the Beginning by Emme Dilsuk

It was fun at first,
Laughing, dancing, singing, going out together
All that made me think that our family was going to last forever
We would play card games when the weather was unpleasant,
The candle light in the living room omnipresent
Sunflowers would bloom amongst the sea of smiles
That radiant glow could be seen for miles
We would go to the beach, building sun castles, pretending we were at battle
But them my asthma would attack,
No worries Daddy’s got my back,
Then I would be fine.

Everything was fine you see,
That was, until, Daddy begun to make his work a priority.
He would arrive home at ten o’clock in the night
The marital dispute from the kitchen shook the sunflowers stem in fright
Quarrelling because he “Reached home midnight”
Have you forgotten that you have a wife
The sunflowers that once bloomed amongst smiles
Bowed their heads from words revile

They were eaten up with hatred
An indescribable emptiness filled me with dread
I was grasping onto, something, anything, to keep keep up my head
My roots, rotting, my family tree dying,
The sunflowers were turning brown, starting to wither away
With their heads bowed and stems bent they prayed for the light of day
Neither of them could take it anymore
Nobody was winning this hopeless war
So what happened next?
You can guess,
They filed for divorce

If only Daddy had fixed his job
Not working over hours
Maybe stop at the florist to buy mommy some flowers.
All mommy wanted was for him to show her love
But he poured his love into his job, so lack of love there was
The inevitable separation, tore out my roots
Half went north with mommy, the rest daddy took
Was transplantes with mommy far far away
A place where no one there knows the light of day
Where i can feel, hopeless with mother
The once radiant sunflowers, that grew to bend their heads
Need not bend their head any longer, for all of them were dead

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