Elijah Montoute

Sustainable Business and Innovation Programme (2020-2022)

Elijah enjoys singing, dancing, listening to music and writing. He aspires to become a Zoologist and to make his name in the music industry. Elijah entered this competition simply for enjoyment and as a personal challenge to test his literary skills.

What Poetry means to Me... “Poetry is a way of expressing myself. Its is also a means of escape and I hope to inspire others with my poems”.

elijah montoute

Journey To Love by Elijah Montoute

I sit here drunk with fear as I write
Whilst potential outcomes dance in my mind
Every part of me prays father that you will understand
That this young man is still your blood and nothing can replace that
Before you knew that I did not want to go
but Karma slapped me so hard that I now call this place home

It all began when I landed on site there I saw a color palette come to life
Looking at the people we were sent to over see
they too were an array beauty with just a dark coloured skin
What cemented my hearts change was when I caught her in my gaze
She is perfect!
A goddess!
In every single way
She has skin the color of honey soaked in sunlight
With luscious pink lips
As well as deep brown passionate eyes
Her hair the color of silhouette black
was tightly braided into a bun
With a only a few reaching for her bosoms

The clothes she wore was just like the rest
But she just wore it better than the rest
A crimson sunset colored head wrap
That shielded Her braided bun with earrings that matched
A white dress that hinted red
Where the upper half hugged her bosoms as if they were being held
The lower half white overshadowed by the same crimson sunset pattern that could not hide her curvy
Her demeanor complemented her beauty as well
As she looked like a ballet dancer holding a basket on her head
And the other hand holding her dress in the air

She must have been a magnet because my heart began to sped
One step
Two steps
My body was like an orchestra that did not want to be led
I scoured my brain for the most charming thing to say
All I got was good day
At least she looked my way

Her once passionate eyes became hooded helping to display a resentful smile
I did not need to be a psychic see
I was being judged for my Military appeal and my colorless skin

With every word I said I tried to romance her as if it were life or death
Day after day this is the ritual I displayed
For she was like a puzzle that needed to be decoded and
I was determined
No devoted for my love to be known

Her heart soon opened and she told me a tale of woe
A girl whose mother died when she was six
Because their master work her to the bone
Though she lived long to see freedom being born
She was still a slave for the past kept her from moving on

I apologize for what
I don’t even know why
My mind could not fathom why my heart sympathized

With this her head laid on my chest
she was like my missing piece that now
Has me complete
It do not end here for her people do not agree
Nor will my ten fellow officers side with me
If fear did not grip me as I send this to you

I could have written a better version of Romeo and Julliet for you
Overcoming hurdles with her hands in mine
Its funny how our skin united both side though for a while

At times we questioned whether or not this is right
For we are often treated as heathens even though we committed no crime
I imagine you would not approve
And That’s ok because I am no longer at war with myself
For my heart has conquered the nonsense that has been planted inside my head

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