Christa William

Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality (2019 - 2023)

Christa enjoys singing, dancing, birdwatching, baking and photography. She aspires to become a successful Entrepreneur. Christa entered this competition because it gave her an opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and allow her voice to be heard. She listens to worship music and gospel soca. One thing about Christa no one knew before is that she loves writing poetry.

What Poetry means to Me... “Poetry to me means expressing my thoughts, feelings and desires through words”.

christa william

Divine Makeover by Christa William

There she stands.
Eyebrows arched, arms crossed
Decked out in robes of hubris
And here I am
Gazing at her from a distance
I can feel the vibrations of her repelling glare
Willing intimidation and fear.
But Fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real
And so I approach.
I am ready to face the wrath of a Goliath
Vigorously pelting stones upon my shield of faith with deadly aim,
To reduce me to NOTHING.
But love, propels me to see beyond
Her fortress of arrogance and bitterness
And to compassionately consider the trauma
She might have endured.

I just couldn't be daunted by your imperious facade
For I can visually discern that
Foundation of pride applied with a brush of rejection,
That smokey eyeshadow of deception
Which blinds you to your inner truth,
A concealer that veils
Childhood hurts and pains,
A lipstick called profanity
Smeared upon you vocabulary
And to complete the look that is
Blended and powdered with the belief that
There is no God.

Standing here before me
A living, breathing canvas
Illuminating a chaotic cocktail of confusion
Yet, above all
I see the price that was paid So that you would no longer paint an image of yourself
That you were never created to be.
Oh portrait of exquisite excellence
If only you could see
Through the binoculars of your creator,
Counterfeit labels fastened upon your being would melt as wax
After all, you were worth dying for.
HE took the blows,
And the whips, and the kicks
And the nail pierced hands
And after it all
He said,
"It is Finished."
In other words,
“You Are Enough.”
Three words awaiting your acceptance to the banquet
Of a fulfilled life.

In laying down HIS life he offers
Authority, security, love and humility
As a new foundation;
And no need for concealer
For HE is The Revealer, Healer and Deliverer
Overshadowing the deceptive shadow blinding your eyes
HE coats your lips with the gloss of His truth.
Beloved, Indeed
There is A God
And like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon
He yearns to reveal hidden beauty
Now masked from society and
To Make You Over.

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