Cherisa Isidore

Agri-Business Entrepreneurship (2021 - 2023)

Cherisa enjoys singing, dancing, art, meditation, yoga, reading and writing. She aspires to be a Veterinarian and Herbalist. Cherisa entered this competition because of her love for poetry. According to Cherisa, poetry affords her the opportunity to express the unspoken words and views from her heart, mind and soul to create balance in the world.

What Poetry means to Me... “Poetry is something that speaks the emotion, thoughts, views and all four senses onto a piece of paper. It’s like telling a story of a blind person who views life through their heart”.

cherisa isidore

Nostalgia by Cherisa Isidore

As i gaze at the glistening ocean
I wear fascination like a crown
Recalling these cheerful times in my infant years
When mother baked those decadent luscious chocolate chip cookies
That melted on my tongue
The buttery taste that lingered from those chocolate chips
How those crumbs slid down my lips
The aromatic scent of roasted nuts
Drove me nuts, as it filled the air
That tenderness when christmas illuminated the atmosphere
Where melodies were therapeutic to my ear
The string of lights were radiating stars as they formed a canopy
Carnivals of colors winked at me and triggered a giggle
And the rattling jingle bells tingled my timbers

I yearn for these moments everyday
Unfortunately these unforgettable events have faded away
Like flames put out by water sizzling as they die
The melancholy feeling of reminiscing engulfs me
Fervently i pray that these memories
Would forever stay young
But like unraveling miniscule strands of thread
It is a perpetual fight in vain
Leaving me in pain

As rivers of tears cascade through the windows of my soul
I think about how these memories
Evoke my senses
With a certain color, fragrance,essence
Ultimately in the pain of gratification and retrospection
These memories become hazy
Sadly time races
Leaving traces of ashes
Now the past is out of reach it seems
Memories have fizzled into clouds of dreams

Uncertainty of what’s subsequent
Drives me to insanity
Life has evolved into an unceasing bleeding wound
That swells turbulently
Its tedious now ,the routine is constant
Leisure has vanished like a shadow under the searching light of self
But anyways ,my heart still aches
Aches about how seasons have changed in life
Now recognizing that i'm clutching on to the past
Like an infant to her mother’s hand
It's time that i grasp the lesson that
Nothing precious lasts
Like autumn, leaves that plunge and scatter in the wind To usher in winter that drenches the earth
For the sprouting of a new abundance of evergreens
And so it is with life

As i move forward
I will embrace gratitude like a companion
Live and accept the present moment.

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