salcc criminal justice

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice programme is designed to prepare practicing officers and others for service to the community in the fields of law enforcement, criminalistics, private security and investigation.

salcc general nursing

General Nursing

Designed to help students apply principles of physical, biological, behavioral, social and health sciences to provide nursing care to a variety of clients and settings.

salcc public health

Health Aide Studies

This program is designed to prepare learners for employment as Health Aides in various settings in the health care delivery system.

salcc public health

Public Health

Aims to assist students in recognizing variations in local, regional, and global public health systems.

salcc social work

Social Work

Designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for a career in Social Work, as well as develop the professionalism of persons currently employed in the Social Services.

salcc public health

Tourism and Hospitality