Class of 2023! ✨

We look forward to celebrating you and your hard work this December.
Please monitor your student email and our website for updates.

Dates to Remember

Deadline for Registration

Registration Deadline Fri. November 24

The RSVP Form has been emailed to all eligible graduands. If you are eligible and did not receive an email, please email with the subject, Graduation 2023.

Contact Registry
Payment of Registration Fee

Payment Deadline Mon. December 4

After registration you must pay the non-refundable fee of EC$300.00.

Pay Online
salcc graduation rehearsals class of 2023

Graduation Rehearsals Sat. December 9

Graduands! You are invited to a rehearsal for your upcoming ceremony!

Photography For Hire

Digital Copies

$25.00 per Photo

Individual Prints

$5 — 4x6

$15 — 5x7

$30 — 8x10

Package Deals

$50 — One 8x10 + One Digital Copy

$100 — Five Digital Copies

Guidelines for Graduands

  • Transportation To The Hotel

    Graduands and their guests will be provided with a shuttle service from the parking lot at the entrance of the Great House to be transported to Royalton Hotel. It is imperative that access to the shuttle service to graduands and guests will only be allowed upon presentation of their wristbands to the ceremony.

  • Procession into Graduation Hall

    Gradually process into the graduation hall by walking at a reasonable pace in pairs by filling the seats row by row. Once you have filed yourself in the respective row, stand in front of the designated seat for graduands. Remain standing until all graduands have filed themselves into their respective seats and await the announcement for you to be seated.

  • Assembly Point

    Upon entry at the Royalton Hotel on graduation day, students are to assemble at the designated area to meet with your Unit Head/designate for filing of graduands in pairs in alphabetical order by programmes. This is in preparation for the procession of graduands into the graduation hall at the commencement of the ceremony. You will be presented with a name tag which will be utilized during the calling of the names by the Registrar for certificates and awards.

  • Presentation of Certificates

    1. Please stand row by row when the Registrar announces the graduands of the specific programme.
    2. Proceed to the stage one by one and present the Registrar with the name tag for the calling of your name.
    3. Walk towards the center of the stage to provide a firm hand shake with the right hand to Programme Head/Dean/Designate and receipt of the canister in the left hand.
    4. Smile to the camera for a photo opportunity, then exit the stage and return to your seating area by remaining standing until everyone in your row has returned before seating.
  • End of Ceremony

    Graduates will all stand and process out in pairs once the announcement has been made.

  • Collection of Certificates

    There is a designated area for collection of certificates, the Dennery Room. Certificates will be issued upon the return of the graduation gown by graduands.

  • Snack Plates

    Graduands will be provided with 3 meal chits for themselves and their 2 guests to be presented for the collection of the snack plates in the designated area.

  • Transportation At The End Of The Ceremony

    At the end of the graduation ceremony, the shuttle transportation service will be available to transport graduands and guests back to the parking lot near the Great House entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't in the list below, feel free to get in touch with us.

  • How do I sign up to participate?

    To sign up to participate in the Graduation Ceremony please fill out the RSVP Form sent to your email. If you have yet to receive an email from us, please contact, with the subject "Graduation 2023."

  • Graduation Dress Code

    Female graduands are required to wear either a white or black dress and black shoes.
    Male graduands are required to wear dark dress trousers and a white shirt and black shoes.

  • What is included in the graduation package?

    Your specially curated package includes a professional photograph, gown rental, madras graduation stole, a 2023 graduation booklet, a graduation canister, SALCC memorabilia, photo day goodies, special discounts from sponsors, goodies from sponsors, prizes and much more!

  • Can I collect my certificate before the ceremony?

    A letter of completion can be prepared prior to the collection of degree certificates. Should you require any further assistance, please contact our Registry Department at

  • Will the Ceremony be live-streamed?

    The Graduation Ceremony will be streamed on NTN (FLOW channel 122). It will also be available on the Government of Saint Lucia's online pages — Facebook and YouTube).

Student Exit Survey

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