Entry Requirements (2023-24)

Associate Degrees / Bachelors Degrees / CAPE

Admission requirements for undergraduate programmes include passes — Grades I, II and III — in at least five (5) subjects at CSEC general proficiency level. Of these five subjects, English A and Mathematics must be included.

Alternative to the above and where appropriate, admission requirements include:

  • Aptitude examinations — for example, General Education Diplomae (GED) and Scholastic Achievement Tests (SAT) or equivalent examinations. Additionally, an evaluation of the applicant's transcript will be carried out.
  • Applicants whose secondary education was completed in a country other than St. Lucia must provide evidence of equivalent qualification.
  • Applicants must meet the requirements stipulated by the academic unit offering the programme of study under consideration.


Entry requirements for certificate level programmes vary for the various programmes offered at the College.
See Certificate Level programmes offered for specific entry requirements.

Access Courses

Persons who wish to offer access courses as part of their entry qualifications are advised that most access courses consist of two parts, both of which must be successfully completed prior to registration. Please note that the Access course grade which is acceptable for entry is determined by the respective programme.

Persons who have attained SALCC qualifications should indicate that on their application to the College.

English Language

  1. The College requires successful applicants to demonstrate their ability to understand and express themselves in English. This includes reading, writing, speaking and listening;
  2. If the applicant’s first language is not English they are required to show satisfactory evidence of their competency in English.

Mature Students

The College will consider the admission of mature students, based on the criteria below.
A mature student is defined as an individual;

  • Who is at least 21 years of age.
  • Whose previous school performance, private study, and/or recent work record and experiences suggest strong possibilities for academic success.
  • Who has relevant work experience.
  • Who has had no secondary school, college, or university level studies within the last five years.
  • Mature students shall also meet any other stipulated requirements of the Academic Unit offering the programme of study under consideration.

How To Apply

Methods of Applying

  • You can apply online via our application portal.
  • However, in the event applicants have issues in completing the online application, we will allow them to complete a paper-based application by sending them a soft copy of the Application Form or if they visit us in person at the Office of the Student Services.
    The form could be returned to us via studentservices@salcc.edu.lc or in person.


You'll need certified and scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Academic Certificates;
  • Passport Photos;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Police Record (required for all Nursing and Teacher Training Programmes).

Ensure that you have paid the non-refundable application fee of EC$25.00. This can be done either online, via our ePayment Portal, or at any Bank of Saint Lucia branch (Account #904120789).

Remember to send a copy of your bank receipt once you have paid the Registration Fee. Kindly send this to oareceipts@salcc.edu.lc.

Once the above are complete, it's time to begin your application!

Application Process — Video Tutorial

The following video covers the steps needed to successfully complete and submit your application.

Additional Information

Interviews for College Programmes

Interviews for the various programmes will be conducted during May.

Change of Application or Programme

A candidate, having submitted an application by the deadline date specified (May 12, 2023), may request a change in the programme applied for;

A Change of Programme Fee of EC$25.00 is required upon submission of the request. Change of application forms are available at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

The deadline for submission of Changed Application Forms is Friday 28 April 2023. Contact info@salcc.edu.lc for more details.

Important Notes

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College reserves the right to:

  • Withdraw courses at any time;
  • Change any of the following:
    • Fees;
    • Calendars;
    • Curricula;
    • Degree programmes;
    • Degree requirements;
    • Any other requirements related to academic programmes.

Changes will become effective whenever the proper authorities so determine and will apply to both prospective students and those already enrolled.