English Language Examination

Details of the Exam

  • Multiple Choice Items Only

  • Number of Items

    Comprehension: 36
    Expresssion: 14
    Total: 50
  • Exam Length

    1hr 15min
  • Testing will be on the CSEC Langauage syllabus at Secondary Level.

    These competences are necessary for success in advanced study at SALCC.
  • Materials provided by SALCC on Exam Day

    Examination Booklet and Answer Sheet.
  • Materials needed by candidates for the English Exam

    Pencil and eraser for shading.
    Pen for writing name and candidate number where necessary.

Skills to be tested

  • Recognise facts stated explicitly
  • Extract specific information from what is read.
  • Extract implied information from what is read.
  • Draw valid conclusions and inferences from information presented
  • Recognise cause-effect relationships
  • Identify main and subordinate ideas and trace their development
  • Deduce reasons and motives and particular perspectives for written communication

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