Entrance Examination

Academic Year 2021-2022

Here’s your chance to secure a place at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. No need to worry about not having CXC results. We at the College understand the challenges that the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) is facing, given the ongoing pandemic and will do our part to ensure your successful entry into your programme of choice.


Exam Layout

The exam contains multiple choice items that assess competences candidates have acquired from learning the concepts included in the CSEC Syllabus at the secondary level. These competences are necessary for advanced study at SALCC.

Date and Location

An Entrance Examination in Mathematics and English A will be administered on Wednesday May 26th, 2021 .

Exams will be held at;

All Secondary schools for Fifth Form students; For private candidates, at the College’s two campuses.

Application to SALCC

The results of the Entrance Examination will serve as one of several criteria used for students to gain entry for the 2021/22 academic year. Transcripts from your fourth and fifth year will also be used to determine your eligibility.

Students who pass this exam AND have satisfactory grades on their transcripts will begin their programmes in August/September 2021.

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