Information Technology (IT) professionals are involved with designing, developing, supporting and managing computer software, computer hardware as well as information networks, including the Web. Computer Information Technology (CIT) programme will teach students about the development and management of business databases, computer networks, web applications, and software systems.

Learners will gain a technical understanding of how computer applications and hardware work and how these can be applied to meet the needs of an organization as they prepare for possible career paths as administrative assistant, network administrator, web application developer and web designer.

Entry Requirements

  1. In addition to SALCC's general admission guidelines, this programme requires CSEC passes (Grades I, II or III) in Mathematics, English A, and Information Technology.
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Programme Summary

  • This programme runs for two years and consists of four (4) semesters.
  • Each year consists of two (2) semesters.
  • There is a total of 68 Credits to be scored.
  • Critical Reading and Writing (4 Credits)
  • Modern Language (3 Credits)
  • Algebra Essentials (GE) (3 Credits)
  • You and The Digital World (3 Credits)
  • Computer Architecture (3 Credits)
  • Speech Self, and Society (GE) (3 Credits)
  • A Survey of Saint Lucian History and Heritage (3 Credits)
  • Ethics and Professional Development (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Programming Methodology (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Systems Applications (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Elective (3 Credits)
  • Science, Design, Thinking (GE) (3 Credits)
  • Information Systems I (PC) (2 Credits)
  • Fundamentals of Information Security (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Statistical Applications (PC) (4 Credits)
  • Elective (3 Credits)
  • Database Management (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Web Development II (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Human Computer Interaction (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Object Oriented Programming (PC) (3 Credits)
  • Technical Project (3 Credits)
  • Internship (GGC Only) (4 Credits)

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