This programme is designed to provide students with a wide knowledge of Automobile Engineering and specific skills to enable them to function as technicians, or to pursue higher education qualifications in Engineering.

The programme addresses studies in automobile design, development and manufacture. It sensitizes students to the changing principles and processes employed in the construction and functioning of vehicles and fuel propelled engines.

Entry Requirements

  1. CSEC Passes — Grades I, II or III in Mathematics, English A and Physics;
  2. In addition to the above, at least two of the following subjects:
    • Building Technology
    • Chemistry
    • Construction
    • Electricity
    • Information Technology
    • Mechanical Studies
    • Technical Drawing
    • Visual Arts
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Programme Summary

  • This programme runs for three years and consists of six (6) semesters.
  • Each year consists of two (2) semesters.
  • There is a total of 120 Credits to be scored.
  • DRW105 — Engineering Drawing I & CAD
  • EGP118 — Workshop Theory & Practice I
  • ELT109 — Electrical & Electronics Principles
  • EGP110 — Automobile Practice I
  • ESC103 — Applied Engineering Science I
  • EGP107 — Automobile Technology I
  • EGP109 — Applied Mechanics I
  • EGP108 — Automobile Technology II
  • EGP212 — Automobile Practice II
  • EGP217 — Auto Theory and Practice
  • EGP218 — Strength of Materials
  • EGP220Internship

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