About the E-learning Academy

The e-learning academy is a unit that was created to provide students with an alternative mode of pursuing their studies. This unit has made it possible for the college to offer courses solely online or using a blended approach. The purpose of this unit is to:

  • Extend the reach of SALCC courses and programmes to students locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Attract diverse clientele and programmes.
  • Create innovative, current, and competitive programing.
  • Provide flexible and professional programing.

From the time of its inception, the e-learning Academy has embarked on a series of training sessions. Some of these sessions include:

  • Training of SAlCC faculty and teachers outside the college in using Moodle and other ICT tools.
  • Training for primary, secondary, and tertiary teachers with emphasis on the following modules;
    • You and the Digital World
    • Understanding 21st Century Education
    • Assessment in the TEL Context,
    • Open Education Content Development
    • Audio-Visual Production Techniques & Strategies
    • Digital Imaging and Animation for Educators
  • Google Suite for Primary School educators
  • Open Education Resource Development for secondary school teachers on the island
  • Virtual Lecture Series in Sustainability and Development. These lectures attracted individuals from the region as well as
  • Training for National Enrichment and Learning Program (NELP) and National Skills Development Centre (NSDC) in utilizing Moodle.

At present, the unit is in the process of developing content for offering professional courses/programs. Individuals who enroll in these programs will get to complete certification in various disciplines in a shorter time frame.

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