salcc adminsitrative management

Administrative Management

This programme seeks to provide learners with the theoretical and practical knowledge required for daily functioning modern business environment.

salcc adminsitrative management

Business Administration and Innovation

The BA in Business Administration is designed to prepare career focused students with a wide range of knowledge of business principles.

salcc business studies

Business Studies

Designed to develop competencies in studying, writing, listening, speaking and problem solving, in order to transform students into more efficient entrepreneurs.

salcc office administration

Office Administration

Designed for persons pursuing a secretarial based occupation or Office Management Career, alongside those intending to pursue advanced studies in the field.

salcc secretary studies

Secretarial Studies

Designed to prepare students for the changing roles of the Secretary in today’s society of evolving technologies and expanding business organisation.

salcc business courses

Sustainable Business and Innovation

Acquaints learners with the fundamentals of business studies and its challenges in modern society.