Message from the Principal

Dear SALCC Students,

I trust that you are well and coping with the unprecedented crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic, like the Spanish flu of 1918, is highly contagious and the best solution is social distancing to pull the curve down. St. Lucia can take pride in its record of a 100% percent recovery rate of COVID-19 patients and no new cases in the last 14 days.

As the College rapidly moved to online learning, you transitioned with us. We are very proud to say that over 90% of you have registered on the College’s online learning platform. 271 courses are online with engagement of a total of 1,950 users. This is no small feat! Congrats!

We are just a few weeks away from the end of the semester which ends on May 29. Your Deans and Programme Heads will communicate the timetable for examinations and final assessments. The College’s counsellors remain at your service. Reach out to them via email ( or by phone 285-4942. You can even send a ‘please call me’ text message. In the meanwhile keep up to date with the College’s events and news on our website and social media pages. I would also encourage you to check out one of my interviews on the post COVID-19 context (

If this is your final year at the College we are looking forward to celebrating your success at the Graduation ceremony later this year. For those of you who are completing year one we are gearing up to receive you on our beautiful campus for the 2020/21 academic year in late August.

In closing please allow me to thank the College’s staff and the Educational Technology team, in particular, for on boarding you, the students, and the staff of the College. Permit me to also thank the Ministry of Education for its tireless support and the telecom providers (Digicel and FLOW) for zero rating the College’s domain so that students can access content without being billed for connectivity.

A famous Latin proverb states that Fortune favours the brave! Success comes from courage of conviction and not mere luck.

Stay home! Stay safe! Stay focused!

Dr. Keith Nurse


April 24, 2020 Corporate