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Digital Media

The Associate Degree in Digital Media is designed to develop entry level professionals in the fields of audio-visual production, graphic design, 2D animation, web design and mobile development. This programme exposes learners to tools and skills to become competent practitioners in media development and distribution

Programme Objectives

  1. Appreciate the importance of the digital media as means of communication.
  2. Develop an understanding of the digital media ecosystem
  3. Innovate to development solutions to real world problems through digital media.
  4. Employ industry standard and open source tools to create working solutions.
  5. Develop project proposals
  6. Understand marketing and distribution of digital media products
  7. Understand the role of digital media in business
  8. Integrate media in the development of solutions

Entry Requirements

Grade I, II or III in IT, EDPM, Visual Arts, P.O.B, and/or Literature at CSEC level or equivalent. Students can also gain entry through the presentation of a digital media portfolio or action reel. Interview required.


Associate Degree, Applied Arts in Digital Media

Programme Courses

You and the Digital World

This course gives learners insight into the various aspects of digital citizenship. At the end of this course learners would have developed an appreciation of their place in the digital world and the responsibility which comes with it. Concepts such as digital copyright, digital image and cyber-security are also discussed.

Introduction to Digital Media

This course will explore meanings, categories and formats of Digital Media in contemporary society. The course will also help learners define themselves as digital media professionals (DMP) by enabling permissive and positive engagement in online networks, communities and services.

Audio-Visual Production

This course covers aspects of digital audio video production for multimedia development. It provides in-depth understanding of theory as well as a practical approach to audio video production in the digital environment.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

This course will explore the process and concepts associated with digital imaging from conceptualisation to output. Learners will apply sound principles of design and composition as they engage in the use of open source software to create digital images for a range of purposes – web, television, print, fabric.

2D Animation I

The course begins with a history of animation and explains the 12 principles of Disney animation. Learners will explore key processes of animation production and techniques used in creating animated characters. At the end of this course learners are expected to be able to apply basic drawing and animation techniques in the development of 2D animation.

2D Animation II

This course is designed to expose learners to advance techniques in animation production. Learners will engage in the development of animation to be integrated in ad and digital campaigns.

Web Development I

This course intends to provide basic knowledge and skills required for planning, designing and developing effective websites with a focus on the practical application of the technologies used in web development. It covers basic terminologies, tools, HTML5, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and the basics of JavaScript. It also describes how to host a website on a selected web server.

Web Development II

This course is designed to enable learners to understand the purpose of Client/Server Architecture, and to use to different Server-Side scripting Languages, specifically PHP, MySQL and Node.js to develop database driven web applications. This course also explores threats to website security and how those can be managed.

Mobile App Development

This course provides an overview of the Mobile app environment, practices, tools and techniques. Learners will explore the standards and trends of the industry, along with industry standard tools for mobile development.

Digital Marketing

This course is designed to give learners an understanding of how to effectively incorporate digital marketing strategies into traditional marketing plans. Learners will get an understanding of the different tools, marketing channels and platforms involved in digital marketing. This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to reposition their product and services online.

All Courses

Course Title Credits
Critical Reading and Writing 4
Modern Language 3
You and the Digital World 3
Introduction to Digital Media 3
Fundamentals of Graphic Design (Digital Imaging) 3
Speech, Self and Society 3
A Survey of Saint Lucian History and Heritage 3
Mathematical Reasoning and Logic 3
Writing for Popular Culture 3
Introduction to Marketing 3
Audio-visual Production Techniques and Strategies (Audio Visual Production) 4
Ethics and Professional Development 3
Web Development I – HTML and CSS & Client-side Scripting 3
2D Animation I – Key Concepts, Layouts and Design. 3
Digital Marketing 3
Practicum I– 2D Animation or Web/Mobile Development 1
Elective 3
Science Design Thinking 3
2D Animation II -Graphics and Advertising. 4
Web Development II – Server-Side Scripting 4
Mobile App Development 3
Practicum II– 2D Animation or Web/Mobile Development 3
Elective 3
Credits Per Semester 71

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Programme Info

  • Start Date: September, 2020
  • Class Size: TBA
  • Programme Duration: 2 years

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